Dari Rulai Temple 2014 Calendar

Paying Homage To Ancestors 2014

Rite times: Monday-Friday 7pm Saturday-Sunday 11am
Rite begins Saturday July 26, 2014, rite ends Sunday Aug 10, 2014

Assist Deceased mantras
Luck Change mantras
Extinguish Disaster mantras

Chinese New Year 2015 - 1000 Lamp and An-Tai-Sui Dharma Rites

Wednesday Evening February 18th 2015 - 7pm at the LA Dari Rulai Temple

1000 Lamp Mantras

An-Tai-Sui Mantras


Los Angeles Dari Rulai Temple Calendar

Daily Schedule


Free Daily Spiritual Healing Service:

Saturday and Sunday (& Holidays) : 10 am.

Monday-Friday 6pm.



Dharma Rites: By request. Call for schedule


Those who are out of town and who would like to join us for Dharma Rites, please call in on the teleconference line 5 min before the prayer service begins at 712-432-3066. Conference code: 409-847.



Assist the Deceased Dharma Rites:

Aug 18-22 7 pm PST,Augt 23-24 11am PST, Aug 25-26 7 pm PST Ancestors of J.G.J.

Mantras: Download Rite

Surangama Heart (36)
Ksitigarbha Heart (36)
Amitabha Homeward Heart and Homeward (36)
Six Path Vajra (108)
Aksobhya Buddha Heart (108)
Ksitigarbha Heart (36)
Bu Chue (7)


Birthday Dharma Rites:.


Sept 6 11am PST P.Murphy

Sept 11 7pm PST N.Mar & D.Allen

Sept 13 11am PST B. Nakayama

Sep 22 time t.b.a. L.Gibson

Oct 13 time t.b.a. S. Chu

Oct 14 time t.b.a. C. Chu

Oct 20 time t.b.a. D.Chung

Nov 22 time t.b.a. R.LeDet

Dec 20 time t.b.a. M..Jung



Mantras: Download Rite

Surangama Heart (36)
Longevity Buddha (36)
Good Luck (36)
Green Tara (108)
Bu Chue (7)


Extinguish Disaster Dharma Rite:

Sept 12 7pm PST, Sept 13 12Noon PST, Sept 14 11am PST, Sept 15-18 7pm PST A. Kamali

Mantras: Download Rite


Great Compassion (36)
Medicine Buddha (36)
Surangama (36)
Green Tara (108)
100-Word Enlightenment (9)


Luck Change Dharma Rite:


Mantras: Download Rite

Surangama (36)
Great Compassion (36)
Good Luck (36)
Green Tara (108)
Bu-chue (7)



Upcoming 2014 Los Angeles Temple Events & Workshops

Please call the temple at 626-330-0921 to Register for Workshops.

Workshops without sufficient preregistrations may be canceled.


Free Introduction/Healing/Meditation Event June 14 Guru's Gate Yoga Manhattan Beach 2pm-330pm

Medicine Buddha Dharma Workshop Last Workshop Scheduled at LA Dari Rulai Temple July 5, 1-4 pm

This class may be considered to be both a foundation class and an advanced class. The Abhisheka Empowerment gives one a fundamental link to this entire lineage of awakened masters and provides a major boost for one's spiritual practice.. The spiritual healing techniques and methods to purify and bless food, air, and water would be considered advanced techniques in many schools.

The sanskrit name of the Medicine Buddha is Bhaisajyaraja. The Chinese call him Yao Shi Fo, the Tibetans Sangye Menla, and the Japanese Yakushi. He is a great Master who made many vows to alleviate the suffering of all beings. The Medicine Master Lapis Lazuli Light King Buddha Extinguishing Disaster and Prolonging Life Dharma is for spiritual healing, protection, and prevention of illness and disease, as well as for extinguishing disaster, extending life, and bringing forth good luck.

In this workshop, you will receive an Abhisheka Empowerment (Pouring of Holy Water on your crown) which will enable you to successfully practice the Medicine Buddha Healing Dharma. This very powerful Dharma practice includes learning the Sanskrit version of the Medicine Buddha Mantra, along with the accompanying mudra (hand gesture) and visualization.

Healing Techniques Workshop -Next Workshop t.b.a.........

Become a certified practitioner of Buddhist spiritual healing ! Improve your healing ability. Learn how to apply mantras, mudras, and visualizations to heal yourself and others of many types of problems. These healing techniques have been specifically designed for spiritual healers by awakened Buddhist masters.

Yellow Jambhala - Last Workshop Saturday-Sunday March 29-30 11am-6pm both days at Dari Rulai Temple

This is a Wealth and Abundance Practice. Ritual Practices involving Mantra, Mudra, Visualizations, and Offerings which help you enter a state of consciousness that attracts wealth, prosperity, and abundance. Considered an advanced class. Please contact the temple for more details.

Prajna Akasagarbha Workshop Last Workshop Saturday April 5 1-5PM

The Prajna Akasagarbha is an esoteric Buddhist healing dharma practice which literally means, 'wisdom hidden in the womb of space'. This ancient dharma practice of Akasagarbha Bodhisattva, which was hidden in China for centuries, is considered a key to enlightenment, valued for its ability to increase physical vitality and energy, and bring forth rapid spiritual progress.

In essence, it is a sequence of movements (mudras) combined with visualizations and a mantra that help to align the individual to the universe and awaken the sleeping seeds of Alaya consciousness in the body.

The 16 basic mudras, when practiced diligently, will help the practitioner experience the gravitational pulls of the heavenly bodies, grasp the rhythm of nature, and attain health, prosperity, and wisdom. It flows like water and moves slowly with great depth. It is fun to do and suitable for all ages and abilities. Wear comfortable clothing.


Foundation Dharma Workshops: There are Four Foundation Dharma Meditations.

These are considered essential foundation classes for those practitioners wishing to quickly move along the path to enlightenment using the techniques handed down through the Chinese Esoteric lineage.


Practice The Outer Qi Generating and Releasing Dharma for self-healing and to cultivate the ability to heal others. Includes a core empowerment of the Esoteric School so that practitioners may begin to use the Esoteric School's spiritual healing techniques. Generate Qi to promote good health and to strengthen one's foundation for meditation practice.

Practice The Body Warming and Cooing Dharma. The practitioner develops purity and stillness of being, which can bring the body under the complete influence of the mind. When the mind is in complete stillness, the body will not change as the environment changes.

2. Entering the state: Calming & Relaxing Dharma Workshop - Last Workshop Saturday March 8 1-4PM

Enter the first state of Zen (Chan, or Dhyana) meditation. Learn how to 'enter into state' by eliminating the resisting mind through the practice of Guided Calming, Body Relaxation, Mind Relaxation, and Mind Trancendence. The ability to 'enter into state' is essential for Dharma practitioners.

3. Diamond Wisdom Dharma Workshop - Last Workshop Saturday March 22nd 1-4PM

The second state of Zen meditation. Learn to 'firm the seed' through the state of motion and stillness, being and non-being, called 'Dhyana'. Contains the Interflow of the Four Links, the Simultaeous Rotation of the Five Wheels, the Illumination of the Nine Suns, and the Observation of One Unified Body.

4. DhyanaYoga Zen Dharma Workshop Next Workshop t.b.a.

Although this is a foundation workshop, It is often recommended that one practices the other foundation Dharma meditations before beginning an intensive practice of this Dharma meditation.

The fourth state of Zen Meditation. Attain direct knowledge and insight into the ineffable using the Eight Word Heart Dharma. Tranquil Contemplation, or Diamond Yoga Method: Calm, Null, Sink, and Fall. Transcendental Meditation, the main content of Dhyana cultivation: Chan, Din, Know, and Wisdom/Insight.

The peak of September's New Moon is at September 23 at 11:14 pm. September's Full Moon is full on September 8 at 6:38 pm.

Note OCT 8TH there will be a FULL LUNAR ECLIPSE